Dynamic logo inspired by contemporary art

Art and Culture Today is an arts historian duo which started organizing lectures about contemporary art and how it’s intertwined with culture, history and society. This naturally led to curating exhibitions, publishing an art newsletter and creating an artists residency.

I am a big fan of what the art duo is doing and being their friend I created a dynamic brand identity inspired by the fluidity of the contemporary art genre.


Identity introduction

We are used to limiting things, even art. Putting it in frames.

But art is an inseparable part of human culture.

Art has reached new heights in the present, fighting for diverse causes or provoking us to leave our comfort zone.

Art, culture and contemporaneity in synergy.


Bright colour, because art provokes.

Frame, because we always try to limit things.

Art &, because there is always more to it…

Dynamic, because everything changes so quickly.

Roboto, because it is the font of the most widespread contemporary operating system today.


The identity can adapt to it’s usage. It has a main black and white version and colour “magenta” version, but the square background can move its accent on different parts of the logo, change colour and even use photos as backgrounds.